Policies & Regulations


  1. Only 1 Santa. No other Santa Claus but the one at the end of the parade route will be permitted.
  2. All participants must incorporate a Christmas theme in their decorations, music, float design and/or costumes. Please ensure vehicles towing floats are decorated as well.
  3. Entries must be entertaining to a family audience, especially for children.
  4. All participants must register to participate in the parade.
  5. Parade participants shall not consume alcohol and will refrain from smoking during their participation in the parade.
  6. An entry may be refused up to the start of the parade should the entry not meet parade guidelines or differ from their approved entry form.
  7. For safety reasons, throwing of candy or any objects is not allowed. Anyone wanting to hand out candy can do so with designated, walking distributers.
  8. No entry will hand out literature, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, flyers or any other written or printed materials to parade spectators, without prior parade committee approval.
  9. There will be no premature exiting of the parade route. 
  10. Please ensure your group stays together. It is important to maintain the distance between the float in front of you – not too close, but not too far. This is an important safety note, but it also helps maintain a steady flow.
  11. Absolutely NO stopping along the parade route. All parade floats looking to dismount participants must do so in a parknig lot, or along Queen Street (south of Roberston St). Stopping along the route causes the parade to back up.
  12. Automobiles for commercial advertising are limited to one per business and mnust be decorated.
  13. If you are performing or dancing, do so while in motion. Stopping will create unnecessary gaps in the parade, as well as a backup.
  14. Animal Entries: All entries are required to clean up behind their animals along the route. Please be courteous to the other participants. Handlers are responsible for the care and control of the animals. Please only bring animals equipped to endure the stimulating parade environment.
  15. Minimum age for walkers is five (5) years old. Any floats with small children must have at least one (1) adult present for supervision.
  16. No entry shall exceed 12 feet in height. Extra-long entries are advised to line up at the top of Ridout Street.
  17. All participants (floats and walking parties) lining up in the stagging area MUST remain in single file. This is an important safety note, as the street must maintain an emergency access lane. 
  18. Name of group/entry must be displayed and easily identifiable.
  19. Floats with generators or other possible fire hazards must provide suitable fire extinguishing equipment.

Parade Day Details:

1. We ask that all floats and walking parties arrive between 12 - 12:30 pm. All Floats and walking parties are asked to line up along Bramley Street South (and surrounding side streets if needed). Please work together in the busy staging area to make room for fellow parade participants and keep safe.

2. There is no parade order. The Parade Marshal will pull entries from Bramley S and insert bands from Bramley N onsite. Please be patient in the staging area. Your entry will be called upon to head down the parade route, in due time.

3. All participants (floats and walking parties) lining up in the stagging area MUST remain in single file. This is an important safety note, as the street must maintain an emergency access lane. Please do not try to inch your way up, or form two lines on the street, this is dangerous and causes unnessesary confusion for the parade marshals.

4. Parade starts at exactly 1:00pm (rain, snow or shine). Please dress layered for the weather.

5. If you have questions on parade day, a Parade Committee member will be nearby Basil’s to assist you. There will also be a portable toilet placed in the Basil’s parking lot for all participants who are in need.

6. END OF PARADE ROUTE – All vehicles must continue past the town hall; no stopping.

7. ENTRY/FLOAT CAPTAINS – Please inform all parents and participants of these rules. We suggest that float captains arrange a meeting place with parents in one location and that they escort the children out of the loading area to meet their guardians for pickup. Carpooling/drop off at staging area is highly recommended.  

8. The following policies are established as the minimum regulations for enjoyment and safety reasons. We require your cooperation in observing them. Parade participants are responsible for their own safety and the parade committee will not be held responsible for any accidents.