When & Where

Saturday November 28, 2020    

Celebrating the 84th Port Hope Santa Claus Parade - in a modified format!
The modified Santa Claus Parade will be a drive-by experience between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
This format will allow spectators to enjoy music, a colourful display of community floats and live music safely from their own vehicles.
Parade start location: LTWMF Access Road (off of Baulch Road)
View the spectator traffic flow map for the drive-by Port Hope Santa Claus Parade.
Notes for drivers:
Spectators must approach the LTWMF Access Road via Baulch Road. 
Spectator vehicles will be prohibited from lining up along Marsh Road (facing west). All spectator vehicles must cue up along Marsh (facing east) via Deer Park, or along Baluch Road (facing north) via Lakeshore.
Plan your route by reviewing the spectator traffic flow map in advance.
Once at the start of the parade, travel along the LTWMF Access Road at approximately 5km for a safe viewing of the stationary floats. Please stay in your vehicle and no stopping along the route (unless there is a backup) to ensure a steady flow for all spectators.
Spectators are encouraged to pack supplies (snacks, water and Christmas music!) to help make the waiting experience a little more enjoyable. 
While in the spectator cue, keep watch for security vehicles with signs in their back windshield indicating END OF PARADE. This will signify the cut off for all spectators. Santa is a busy man.
We appreciate your patience and participation in this seasonal celebration of community. Stay safe!