About the parade

2019 is the 83rd Port Hope Santa Claus Parade. The Theme for 2019: A Woodland Christmas

The first Port Hope Santa Claus Parade was held in 1937. For years the parade was organized by the Port Hope Fire Department and continued the tradition at least until the mid-1950s.  In 1971, the parade was taken over by the Olde Tyme Christmas Committee. The Old Tyme Christmas Committee was made up of community members who helped to maintain the Old Tyme Christmas charm in Port Hope for decades.

The current Port Hope Santa Claus Parade Committee was formed in 2012. Members include:

      • Karen O’Hara - Chair
      • Jennifer Earl - Sponsorship Coordinator
      • Peter Abrams - Port Hope Kinsmen
      • Jeannie Maidens – Municipality of Port Hope Liaison

The Santa Claus Parade comes to life through a combination of efforts and partnerships.

The Municipality of Port Hope provides both inkind and financial support to ensure a safe and successful parade each year.

Postal Workers head up the parade, collecting letters to Santa and making sure all these carefully prepared notes are delivered to the North Pole.

Rotary Club of Port Hope lend a hand collecting parade donations along the route and work like elves, making sure Santa’s sleigh is ready for the parade.

Port Hope Kinsmen are our dedicated parade marshals. They help to organize all the participants and bands at the top of the route.

The Northumberland Food Bank also does a collection along the route – please feel free to bring non-perishables to help feed the hungry this Christmas season.

And of course, the parade participants and sponsors who really make the magic happen. Community organizations and businesses create one-of-a-kind parade entries that entertain the thousands of spectators who brave the wintry weather to watch the annual event.